If you have always wanted to do personal training but were too overwhelmed by big gyms or just didn’t know where to begin, then choose this option. We will sit down with you for a fitness consultation and go over everything health and wellness related from start to finish. We will discuss activity level, fitness history, nutrition and goal setting. You will be able to choose from 30 minute, 45 minute, 60 minute sessions and 75 minute sessions.



Enjoy a workout with your partner of choice! Whether you need extra motivation, more accountability or simply a cost-effective training option, partner training is an ideal way to go. Before we begin any fitness program, you and your partner will sit down with one of our fitness trainers and do pre-measurements so that we can track your progress.



Have more than one workout partner? Then this option is for you. With small group training, you can have up to 4 people per group and split the cost! No matter what your fitness level or your fitness experience, we can create a group for you OR you can create your own group. Our qualified trainers are prepared to create workouts for any skill level! If you have a pre-existing injury or limitation, don’t worry. We will do a fitness consultation with each member of your group before beginning any programs.



Take your players to the next level of competition with our new and improved team training program. With a minimum of 6 participants required, we can take them from average to excellent. We will do pre and post testing, programming based off of in-season and off-season sports schedules, and gear workouts towards each team’s unique goal. Team training is a great option for athletic teams and just those looking to get in shape.



Increase your vertical jump or overall explosiveness with our Elite Wellness jump training program. Using the latest and greatest in sports performance technology, along with our highly qualified trainers, we can have you jumping higher in no time. We use equipment, wearable devices and jump training techniques that no one else offers. This style of training will include pre and post assessments to track progress. Jump training is a great add on to one of our strength training programs. It is also a great idea for those who have had previous knee injuries and need to work on stabilization, proper landing, power output and need to retrain their jumping technique.


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